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Devin currently works and lives in Los Angeles. She's doing everything from feature films to commercials to web-series to short films to stunts to producing, always looking for new projects and challenges! 

​She grew up in Denver, Colorado, coming from a mult-ethnic family, her heritage being beautifully vast and varied. She is of Mexican, Native American (Pueblo tribal region), Spanish, Irish, English/Scottish/Welsh, Nordic, Jewish, and African descent. 


Having a passion for films from a young age, she began working in Denver as a model and actress in local newspapers, commercials, and films. She began acting training in Denver and competed in acting and modeling competitions, which led her to first opportunities to work and live in LA. After auditioning and working briefly in LA at age 12, she moved back to Colorado to be with her family and finish her education, earning her International Baccalaureate Diploma and scholarships to attend university. She studied theatre and film at the University of South California, and received a BA Theatre degree with an emphasis in acting. 


She grew up a dancer, being in a dance company and dancing about 15 hours a week until age 12 when she took her first martial arts class in Taekwondo. She has studied several different forms of martial arts, and continues her training today, studying Kali, Krav Maga, Muay Thai boxing and boxing. Her martial arts training led to opportunities in stunt work, both for herself and as a professional stunt double.  She has also become a self-defense and boxing instructor. 


Devin continues to challenge herself physically (like a true Colorado native), with martial arts, aerial arts, archery, yoga, and more.


She's also honored to be among the 2024 recipients of Mind's Eye Tribe Academy's Haruo Nakajima Action Actor Scholarship! This opportunity is granting her not only the ability to continue to grow as a physical and action actor, learning new skills in motion capture and performance, sword and fight choreography, but is also just feeding her deep nerd soul. 


"Devin Brooke does very well in not making [her character] just a pretty face – it would have been easy to just be a damsel in distress, but Brooke (and Cramer’s script) give Claire some teeth to bite back. [She] is a fighter and it’s refreshing to see."

From the Screencritix review of the film Stay 

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