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Defined as the state of bodering or being in direct contact with something. A horror short... 

Michelob Ultra Commercial

Devin's first commercial she was lucky enough to be in out of lock down is appropriately named "the comeback" for Michelob Ultra. It's all about reconnecting with our favorite people, activities, and of course, beer. 

Another Go

Participating in the first ever No Sleep Til Film Fest 48 hour film race put on by the Russo Brother's AGBO Films, our team received an honorable mention - an honor given only to 15 out of 700 hundred films submitted! Please enjoy our film that was produced beginning to end in 48 hours, with a team of only 5 in person filmmakers! 

Best to Share

Frightening & fabulous, filmed during COVID lockdown of 2020! Made by a crew of 3, quite literally, only 3 people participated in the making of this thrill-filled, DIY special effects at home horror short film! Hopefully we get to make the feature some day! Watch with the lights on, and don't forget to share...

Honda Commercial

Devin was lucky enough to be a part of Honda's beautiful campaign and message - "safety is for everyone." Keep the tissues close for this one.

A Time Capsule

A short  film that tries to capture a slice of life during the earliest days of the coronavirus pandemic. Some experiences are shared globally, and as we were artists living together in lock down, we wanted to create something that showed how it felt. This was made early on, us never expecting the year to come and all the unexpected events ahead... 

The Seance - Feature Film

Available now wherever you find your streaming entertainment! In this comedy-horror, a YouTube-famous paranormal debunker attends an infamous medium's seance in an effort to expose his charlatan ways. During the evening she discovers this haunted house's occupants will do whatever it takes to avoid the limelight.

Filmed on location in the hauntingly (and just plain haunted) country forests of Pennsylvania! 

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   Things That Haunt Us

Now on Amazon Prime, "The Things That Haunt Us" is an anthology feature comprised of multiple horror short films, made by filmmaker teams that were brought together by Honor, LLC. Devin not only stars in one, but also produced another! A hauntingly beautiful collection of stories, with everything from ghosts to witches to cannibalism...

Stay - Outtakes! 

Something unexpected from the psychological thriller feature "Stay" - a blooper reel! The final product of this film was cerebral and dark, but that doesn't mean we didn't have fun making it, we had maybe too much fun together